1. Introduction to WebLogic
2. Overview of WebLogic Architecture
3. Types of WebLogic Installation ( overview of Graphical, console and silent mode )
4. WebLogic directory structure.
5. Overview of development mode and production mode
6. Installing WebLogic
7. Overview of config.xml
8. Overview and creating Admin Server
9. Overview and creating Node Manager( types of nodemanager )
10. Overview of Admin Console
11. Overview and creating Managed server
12. Overview of independence mode of managed servers
13. Overview and creating Cluster ( horizontal and vertical clustering )
14. Overview of High availability, load balancing and failover scenarios of cluster
15. Adding servers to cluster, starting/stopping cluster, deployment on cluster
16. Overview of cluster communications
17. Overview of multicast address and unicast address in cluster
18. IP range of multicast address
19. Overview of JNDI tree
20. Start and stop Admin server / Managed server and nodemanager
21. Overview of J2EE application formats (EAR,WAR,JAR,RAR)
22. Overview of Deployments ( Types of deployment in detail )
23. Overview of Exploded format deployment and sde
24. Starting and stopping deployments
25. Overview of JDBC ( Types of JDBC drivers )
26. Configuring JDBC and testing the DB connections
27. Overview of JMS and its resources ( queues, topics, connection factory etc
28. Configuring JMS
29. Overview of SSL in detail
30. Creating JKS using keytool commands
31. Exporting and importing certificates using keytool commands
32. Upgrading weblogic from lower version to higher version
33. Applying patches to weblogic server
34. Troubleshooting issues in weblogic
35. Performance Tuning techniques in weblogic
36. Various Types of Log File for Trouble Shooting
37. Backup Configurations for weblogic Environment
38. Managing log files
39. Overview of Security Realm in weblogic
40. Managing Users and groups in weblogic
41. Discussing Differences Between Weblogic Server 8.1,9x and 10.3 versions
42. Command line Utility- WLST -Weblogic scripting Tool
43. Overview of Webserver ( apache )
44. Overview of httpd.conf
45. Overview of plugins
46. Integration of Apache Web Server with Web logic Server Configuration
47. Start and stop apache webserver
48. Overview of ssl in apache webserver.
49. Managing logs in webserver ( log rotation and error codes in detail )
50. Overview of putty, winscp, peregrine ticket etc.
51. Details explanation of interview questions.

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