Testing Tools

TESTING TOOLS QA TESTING TOOLS The demand of complex & distributed software development requires full scale testing of the product. This training program is designed to bring new software testers up to speed quickly, course covers from basics to structured software testing methodologies. Emphasis is on finding and reporting bugs. Topics include basic testing theory, […]

QTP Testing Training

QTP TESTING TRAINING What is QTP? Prepare Before Automation Application under Test First look at Add-Ins for QTP Understanding the QTP User Interface Setting up preferences in QTP before recording Record and run a script Record a simple script Save the script Run the test script Understand the result Introduction to Object Repository What is […]

QA Testing Training

QA TESTING TRAINING QA Manual Testing Course Content SDLCWhat are the different phases of SDLC?How does the process of Software Development Start?Project InitiationRequirement Gathering and AnalysisWhat is Requirement document and what it contains?What is use case document and what it contains?What is Basic path and Alternate Path?Role of Business AnalystExample for explaining each phaseRole of […]

Selenium Training

LOAD RUNNER TESTING TRAINING • Introduction• What do you mean by Automation?• Why should we go for Automation• Different Automation Tools• Function Automation• Performance Automation• What is selenium• Advantages of Selenium• Disadvantages of Selenium• Different b/t Selenium and QTP?• Selenium Components• SELENIUM IDE (INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT)• SELENIUM RC (REMOTE CONTROL)• SELENIUM WEB DRIVER• SELENIUM GRID […]

Load Runner Testing Training

LOAD RUNNER TESTING TRAINING Load Runner Introduction 1. Planning an Effective Load Test2. Load Runner Installation LR ArchitectureComponents in Load RunnerVirtual User GeneratorLoad ControllerAnalysisLoad GeneratorAgent ProcessWhere to Install LR ComponentsIdentify H/w & S/w 3. Virtual User GeneratorRecording script for webRecording levelsURL/HTMLEnhancing scriptReplay & Play backScript functions`Protocal Specific functionsGeneral LR functionsTransactionsPurpose of TransactionsTransactions after RecordingActionsMultiple ActionsDebuggingCheck […]

ETL Testing Training

ETL TESTING TRAINING ETL and Report Testing Course DetailsWhat is Data Warehousing?Differences between OLTP and Data WarehousingDATA ACQUISITIONDATA EXTRACTIONDATA TRANSFORMATIONDATA LOADING Data MartsDependent DMIndependent DM Data Warehousing Life CycleDatabase Design Star SchemaSnowflake SchemaFact Constellation Schema SCD (Slowly changing Dimensions)TYPE1 SCDTYPE2 SCDTYPE3 SCD Basic concepts in SQLOverview of ETL Tool ArchitectureComponents in ETL ToolCoding and Testing […]

Microsoft Courses

MICROSOFT COURSES MICROSOFT COURSES OVERVIEW: Microsoft courses are play a major role in the Information Technology industry. So, technically programmers thinking about their career as a programmer. Microsoft courses are key courses for the career aspirants in IT globe.Here, Tectist is the best online training provider is based on modern training solutions. We offer Program […]

Datawarehousing Training

DATAWAREHOUSING TRAINING DATAWAREHOUSING COURSES OVERVIEW: Data-ware Housing program play a key role in the IT Data Base industry. So,people thinking about their career as a application manager. Data-ware Housing courses are major courses for the career aspirants in IT globe.Here, Tectist is the best online training provider is based on modern training solutions. We offer […]

Informatica Training

INFORMATICA TRAINING Informatica Online Training With Cognos Integration We Give Corporate Training on Informatica with Cognos Integration and Also We will deploy Entire Software in Clients System So that Client don’t have to Depend on Server Access. Introduction to Datawharehousing Video DemonstrationIntroduction to Informatica Power Center Designer:- Source Analyzer Target Designer Maplet Designer Transformation Developer […]

COGNOS Training

COGNOS TRAINING COGNOS INTRODUCTION Introduction to Cognos Introduction about Cognos other products Introduction to Cognos 7 Cognos 8 Architecture COGNOS REPORT NET VS COGNOS 8 COGNOS FRAMEWORK MANAGER Creation of Data Source Connection for database and Power play cube Creation of project, Query subjects Creation of Query subjects Joins Working with Folders, Creating Folders Creation […]